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Lance's Story Ch 10
Lance's Story Ch 10
Lance's P.O.V:
Two days have passed, ever since Michaela saved me and returned me to Nathaniel and Nathaniel was busy showing her around the place and allowing her to say as a guest, before she heads out.
While, I showed her Pokemon around in the garden and everyone seemed to be impressed.
"You hang out here?!" Ribbons exclaimed in shock, as she saw the blooming flowers around the place and the fountain in the middle of it all.
"Mostly just to sunbath when the sun's not too hot and when no one's around...I swim in the fountain." I confessed. "Don't tell Nathaniel."
"Hee hee, don't worry, we won't." Cupcake promised, with a little giggle.
"It must get kinda lonely here, Lance..." ShadowKnight told me, in monotone.
"Shadow!" Ribbons scolded him, with a frown.
"No no, it's OK." I told her. "But yeah, it does get kinda lonely here...Me and my siblings always play here when we were Eevee...but, after we all evolved...everyone just decided to up and leave to go see the wo
:iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 0 0
Splatoon 2 Silvestra: 2 Years Later by GhosthogPhantazia Splatoon 2 Silvestra: 2 Years Later :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 6 0 Abigail and Chloe the Fox Redesigns by GhosthogPhantazia Abigail and Chloe the Fox Redesigns :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 3 10 Kazumi Amagawa by GhosthogPhantazia Kazumi Amagawa :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 3 0 Unwavering Souls Cover by GhosthogPhantazia Unwavering Souls Cover :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 4 3 Ribbons and ShadowKnight's Kids Evolved by GhosthogPhantazia Ribbons and ShadowKnight's Kids Evolved :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 3 6 Splatoon 2 Lemon and Aiden: 2 Years later by GhosthogPhantazia Splatoon 2 Lemon and Aiden: 2 Years later :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 1 2
Lance's Story Ch 9
Lance's Story Ch 9
Lance's P.O.V:
After breakfast, I was with Ribbons watching Michaela train with Cupcake and Fennel on the battle field.
"OK Fennel! Flamethrowner!"
Fennel began to use Flamethower, but I watched as the Flamethrower looped around in rings and Cupcake headed towards the fire, jumping through the rings as gracefully as a human ballerina!
"Wow!" I exclaimed, impressed as I watched the two.
"OK Cupcake! Use Ice Beam!" Michaela exclaimed. Cupcake used Ice Beam around the Flamethrower, evaporating it and Cupcake continued to do her somersaults with the mist trailing behind her.
"Amazing!" I said impressed, then looked at Ribbons. "So, what are they doing Ribbons?"
"Oh, they're just practicing for a Contest." The female Sylveon told me, calmly.
"Con...test?" I asked, tilting my head in confusion. "Forgive me for sounding clueless, but...I...don't get out of the castle much..."
"Oh, well..." Ribbons said, as she sat up and began to have a patient look as she began to tell me
:iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 2 8
Mysterious Club Marking by GhosthogPhantazia Mysterious Club Marking :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 3 0 Tomboy Spectrum (Mobian Form) by GhosthogPhantazia Tomboy Spectrum (Mobian Form) :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 5 6 Belle-Eve's Makeover by GhosthogPhantazia Belle-Eve's Makeover :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 9 0 .:Gift Art:. Reading the Princess's Future by GhosthogPhantazia .:Gift Art:. Reading the Princess's Future :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 8 13 The Sugar-Lutions by GhosthogPhantazia The Sugar-Lutions :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 5 3 Lance when he was an Eevee by GhosthogPhantazia Lance when he was an Eevee :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 7 17
For Your Entertainment
For Your Entertainment
Zayn's P.O.V:
I was in the club with my friend Jace the Hedgebat, because we were busy having our guys night and to celebrate a successful night of me moving in as Jace's new room mate.
"Oh yeah!" I cheered, as me and Jace finished drinking our soda and beer respectively. He's eighteen, so he's old enough to drink. "Tonight is the best night ever! Hell, I don't even remember why I was down in the dumps."
"Because you got fired from your crappy job and Raegan broke up with you." Jace said, as he drank his beer all chill. I just smirked as I drank my soda.
"Raegan who?" I asked then soon, we broke into fits of laughter, we attracted some attention from others, but we didn't care.
"Oh my gosh..." I chuckled, drying my tears. "...Thanks for bringing me her, Jace...I really needed a good time to forget all that crap."
So hot
Out the box
Can you pick up the pace?
Turn it up,
Heat it up
I need to be entertained
Push the limit
Are you with it?
Baby, don't be afraid
:iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 2 2
Meggy the Inkling SMG4 by GhosthogPhantazia Meggy the Inkling SMG4 :iconghosthogphantazia:GhosthogPhantazia 9 2
My gallery with my pics and Fanfics


The Next Freshest Gang Around! by SaccharoKirby The Next Freshest Gang Around! :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 77 9 Request From my Father by PinkrosesSonamy0214 Request From my Father :iconpinkrosessonamy0214:PinkrosesSonamy0214 2 10 Question 5 by Ivory-Skies Question 5 :iconivory-skies:Ivory-Skies 6 1 Question 4 by Ivory-Skies Question 4 :iconivory-skies:Ivory-Skies 5 1 Ouvans by JazzTrash Ouvans :iconjazztrash:JazzTrash 2 7 Veathartha by chxrrytea Veathartha :iconchxrrytea:chxrrytea 8 5 Woomy by Ambercatlucky2 Woomy :iconambercatlucky2:Ambercatlucky2 17 3 .:Gift:.Introducing Monique! by Shadris0719 .:Gift:.Introducing Monique! :iconshadris0719:Shadris0719 5 9 Simple hair coloring tutorial by BlackKitty68 Simple hair coloring tutorial :iconblackkitty68:BlackKitty68 3,029 36 ES: Q-35 by PKM-150 ES: Q-35 :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 264 277 Bio: Silvia the Sylveon by PKM-150 Bio: Silvia the Sylveon :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 143 49 Bio: Lazuli the Glaceon by PKM-150 Bio: Lazuli the Glaceon :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 155 46 Bio: Leaf the Leafeon by PKM-150 Bio: Leaf the Leafeon :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 140 33 Bio: Black the Umbreon by PKM-150 Bio: Black the Umbreon :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 149 56 Bio: Pearl the Espeon by PKM-150 Bio: Pearl the Espeon :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 146 28 Bio: Flare the Flareon by PKM-150 Bio: Flare the Flareon :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 151 36
My faves are mostly Sonic but I got some other stuff too.


🎵 Michaela 🎵
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation

Hey guys! The name's Michaela the Ghosthog. I hope you enjoy visiting my page!

-Kalos Squad-
Braixen by CreepyJellyfish-Fennel
Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish-Ribbons
Shiny Umbreon by MidnightsShinies-ShadowKnight
Shiny Leafeon by MidnightsShinies-Lance
Vivillon-meadow by CreepyJellyfish-Rosie
Shiny Vaporeon by MidnightsShinies-Plum
Meowstic-f by CreepyJellyfish-Velvet
Shiny Pachirisu by MidnightsShinies-Pinkie
Delcatty by CreepyJellyfish-Primrose
Shiny Mega Lopunny by MidnightsShinies-Cupcake
Shiny Ralts by MidnightsShinies-Elena
Shiny Petilil by MidnightsShinies-Gardenia
Lucario-mega by CreepyJellyfish-Aaron
Shiny Glaceon by MidnightsShinies-Icicle
Shiny Espeon by MidnightsShinies-Zircon

:heart: .::PC: Michaela Stamp::. by AngeliicStar :heart:

:rose: My Icons! :rose:
~Team Inferno~ Michaela Icon by Tigerraccoonbat Michaela the Ghosthog ICON VERSION by Tigerraccoonbat Michaela 400x400 by Tigerraccoonbat ~Thanks, Tigerraccoonbat!

One I made myself!:
My Test Icon by GhosthogPhantazia

:iconsonicheroesplz: My team :iconsonicheroesplz:

~Team Inferno~* by Tigerraccoonbat
:flame: Team Inferno! :flame:

Scorch the Dragon- Speed (Because in one deviation he came 2nd place in a speed contest with record time)
Tanja Moon the Tigerraccoonbat- Fly (Not sure why since ALL of us can fly, but let's just say she has more flying skills)
Michaela the Ghosthog- Power (Hey! My fire and fighting are tougher than they look!)

Some stuff I would/Wouldn't do.
:bulletgreen: I would do this
:bulletred: I won't do this
:bulletpurple: I would do sometimes

:bulletred: Chain mail
:bulletgreen: Roleplays
:bulletpurple: Donation Pools
:bulletgreen: Do art for Points
:bulletred: Tags

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Kiribans - DON'T DO by iSnowFairy…
:heart: If you can, spare me some :points: plz. :heart:
Love Points Stamp by Drake1 Thanks 4 Donating by KillboxGraphics Points Please Stamp by izka197

I support:
SonamyProtect Gift for my love by RaianOnzika

Shadouge Romance novel by MzSwift

Princesses don't walk... by RaianOnzika

Stressful first date by RaianOnzika

Knuxikal Kiss 2 Christmas by RaianOnzika

Poltrapup from Luigi's Mansion (He's soooo cute! ^^):
Polterpup stamp by LuigiandAmyfan Luigi's Mansion : Dark Moon - Luigi and Polterpup by Kevfin A Polterpup for a friend by WildGirl91 Polterpups by Red-Flare

My fan pairings:

Ridiculous by JazzTrash Claudela Stamp by GhosthogPhantazia

Alkita by JazzTrash Alkita Stamp by GhosthogPhantazia

Zayden and Sophie by MzSwift Zophie stamp by MzSwift

SethxMelody collab by MzSwift

Were Ontroid and Jewel Collab by MzSwift

Richochet and Daisy on a Date by GhosthogPhantazia Richoaisy stamp by MzSwift

Koko says hi to Tornado .:Collab:. by GhosthogPhantazia Tornoko stamp by MzSwift

SlasherxIndigo Kiss by GhosthogPhantazia Slashigo stamp by MzSwift

Cassile: Worried about You by GhosthogPhantazia Test stamp: Cassile by MzSwift

Turbria: Holding Hands by GhosthogPhantazia

My stamp collection (OK, MOST of it...^^;) Full collection tomboyishsoniclover.deviantart… :
Super Sonamy icon by GhosthogPhantazia Young Shadouge Icon by GhosthogPhantazia Baby Silvaze Icon by GhosthogPhantazia
Taiream Icon by GhosthogPhantazia Knuxikal Icon by GhosthogPhantazia Love Points Stamp by Drake1
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Kute kittens by prosaix .:Anti Archi:. by Lovely-RoseTH sTAMP.:i love episode 52:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx
Anti Sonic Archie Stamp by Kimiku Anti SonicXSally Stamp :Free: by Jigglyfan2 In defence of Amy by darkhyliangirl
Ramen Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sonamy Lover - Stamp by darkhyliangirl Barbados Stamp by phantom
Coco Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Tomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerx FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku
Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle
Still Sonic Stamp by gameboyhero Spriter's Stamp by pulsatingshadow Spriter stamp by Hedgehogger
Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123 Classic and Modern by Super-Hedgehog
Justin Bieber Stamp by anastasia-black 172 - Pichu by Marlenesstamps Cutie Mark Crusaders Stamp by Kevfin
587 - Emolga by PokeStampsDex I love Vulpix by prosaix Stamp : Be nice or shut up by Crysthal
I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate If it's cute I want it by thebluemaiden I love pasta by Claire-stamps
Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic
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311 - Plusle by Marlenesstamps 312 - Minun by Marlenesstamps 417 - Pachirisu by Marlenesstamps
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427 - Buneary by Marlenesstamps Everybody Hates Chris Stamp by SuperSonicGirl79135 SUPER SONIC STYLE! by Super-Hedgehog
Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX PSP: Stamp by JazzaX PS2: Stamp by JazzaX
GameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaX STAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepje I Love Rainbows Stamp by ClefairyKid
Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Silver x Blaze by Marlenesstamps
Sonic Generations Stamp by Kevfin Sonic Generations Stamp by Dbzbabe Sonic Rocks Out Stamp by Fuzon-S
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Sonic is Awesome Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Team Rose stamp by SA948-Stamps In defence of Amy by darkhyliangirl
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Pound It (Animated) by Super-Hedgehog SonAmy Winning Stamp by JanieLemire Super Bass by XLove-Christina-AX
Nonsensical Ship by KrissyBKillin Based on their Personalities by KrissyBKillin Anti-Sonally Stamp by AmyRose772
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Rouge Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Amy Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Sonic Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS
Sonamy VS Naka Quote by darkhyliangirl Sonamy stamp by Amystarzel Anti-Sonsally stamp by MollyAS
SilverxBlaze Stamp by Siinderwolf Blaze Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Silver Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS
:Stamp 10: by Stamp-Goddess :Stamp 15: by Stamp-Goddess Shadouge Stamp by yenke
Salem Fan Stamp~ by Tigerraccoonbat Polterpup stamp by LuigiandAmyfan Luigi's Mansion : Dark Moon - Luigi and Polterpup by Kevfin
dA logo stamp by Daemon-Illusionum


:iconbutterfly1plz::iconbutterfly2plz::iconbutterfly3plz::iconbutterfly4plz::iconbutterfly5plz: Gifts :iconbutterfly1plz::iconbutterfly2plz::iconbutterfly3plz::iconbutterfly4plz::iconbutterfly5plz:
Thanks for all the gifts everyone! X3

Happy Birthday Lonegirl1990 by Tigerraccoonbat Happy Birthday Michaela! by Tigerraccoonbat Happy Birthday Michaela by SHADOWSHAUN200 B-day Gift: Michaela make a wish by MzSwift birthday gift for michaela by Memjigoof

Mature Content

I said there will be fanservice by JazzTrash
Micaela's Cake by mewmewspike Sonic Says : Happy Birthday by animorphs5678 Untitled by SpeedKick101 Happy Birthday Michaela by SHADOWSHAUN200 Michaela's Present (a bit late) by tigertwin Happy B-day Sis by JamesTheFoxAble1 Michaela the Ghosthog~ Happy Birthday!~ by Tigerraccoonbat HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAELA 2015 by SHADOWSHAUN200 Happy (very belated) birthday by Memjigoof Birthday stephano pin up! by MemjigoofFlowerboixgemgirl by JazzTrash


Hey guys!

This is a mermaid related question I wanted to ask:

If I were to give my merhog OCs, Tiburon and Anemone The Babies' Coronation Day by GhosthogPhantazia powers, what kind of powers would you think they have?


Anemone: Teleportation, Siren Singing, Lunar Healing or Invisibility

Tiburon: Speed Swimming, Shark Psychology or Hydro Kinetics
That awkward moment when your mom overheard you cursing and you thought you were alone... 0.0'
I just had a random thought:

If a Pokemon has Water Absorb as its Ability and you use a Z-Move like Hydro Vortex or Oceanic Oparetta...will the Pokemon regain HP or will the Z-Move ignore that and just chip away the foe's HP? :baffled: baffledmeow 
(Splatoon AU with Alien Princess! Silvestra)

A ship was flying across the sky and was falling fast, as it crash landed into a field somewhere. Smoke emmited from the ruined ship, as a figure came out, revealing to be a silver Inkling girl and beside her was a silver rabbit Ink Pet.

"Darn ship!" she exclaimed, before looking at her rabbit. "At least...we're both here in one piece, Shine..."

"Great...but how are we going to ger back home after this, Princess?" the silver rabbit asked, crossing her paws.

"I don't know...but, my parents sent me here to learn more about the Inklings on Earth..." Silvestra answered. "But, we better leave before someone sees us..."

Shine nodded as she and Silvestra left, but...little did they know that an Inkling saw them leaving...
What to do, when someone faves your art, but puts it in a negative folder. I.e CRAPPY ART, Shit, Terrible etc.

Step 1: Look at the folder with your art and other people's art.

Step 2: Go to their gallery to compare their art to yours

Step 3: If they have no art to show, go to their faves

Step 4: If they faves contain anything crude or offensive... (i.e Labeling a collection as 'Fap') Shake your head and go to your settings

Step 5: Go to General, go to the list marked 'Blocked Users' and type in their username.

Step 6: Remove your history of being on their pages on your PC/Mac/moblie

Step 7: Keep calm and carry on.
(AU RP with Cambria)

In a far off kingdom in Japan, many years ago...

Lived a jaguar girl that goes by the name of Cambria. Cambria lived with her parents, her younger brother Gage and her adopted brother and sister, Kisha and Knight in the farm lands, where they serve the emperor and his family in the kingdom. When Cambria's not working, she'd often stare out her bedroom window and look at the emperor's palace located at the top of a tall mountain.

"Oh...I often wondered what it would be like to live in a palace..." Cambria wondered allowed, before shaking her head. "...Forget it...that will never happen...only in my dreams..."

"Cambria! Come on!" her brother Gage's voice called out from downstairs. "Dad wants us to feed the animals before bed!"

"Oh! Coming!" she called out, as she went downstairs. the palace...
(Splatoon AU RP with Assassin!Tyrian)

In a dark alleyway, the sounds of screaming and stabbing could be heard. The noise carried on for about two minutes, until it died down. Suddenly, a cloaked figure dressed in a dark grey and purple hood came out, with flecks of ink all over his hood. His face was covered by a purple bandana, with the only thing you can see are his green eyes and purple eyebrows.

"It's done..." he said, before leaving the scene of his crime. "...One less heartless Inkling down..."

He then retired to his secret base, tired and exhausted, until he got a call.

"Ugh...what now?"

He then answered the phone, wondering who could be calling him.


"Hey brother, it's me..." a female voice told him.

"Sis, what are you doing calling me at this time of the night?!" he asked, fustrated.

"Sorry Ty, got another job offer..."

"Who is it this time?"

"Hang on, sending it via fax..."

He waited for a bit, until he saw the fax machine working. He went over to it, tore off the paper and got a good look at his new target.
Hey guys!
I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the gifts and birthday comments you gave me yesterday, for my birthday! I love them all and you guys are the best! ^^
Happy Birthday Michaela! by MzSwift Happy Birthday Michaela 2017 by SHADOWSHAUN200 Sippin fine wine by Illiterate-Swine ~~Happy Birthday Michaela~~2017 by Tigerraccoonbat Dating waifu by JazzTrash Happy Birthday Tomboish  Sonic Lover by WindyTheAirDragon Candy-free Wallpaper 2 - Full by Anisa-Mazaki (the artist was nice enough to let me use this as a wallpaper, so thank you again! ^^)

P.S to Memjigoof Sorry if I didn't feature your animation you gave me, but it wouldn't show. ^^;
Hey guys! If you've been wondering where the heck I've been almost all day...The Wifi stopped working ever since last night...And I was playing some Pokemon games to keep me entertained until I noticed that it was working again. So...I AM BACK! :D
OMG! I've already gotten a headache...because I'm hearing my mother and that asshat arguing from my room! Yes...they were THAT loud!!! DX I was just finished rubbing my temples! DX

I've been watching this high school anime 'Ouran High School Host Club' and I watched the first episode already and...

It's hilarious! Dramatic! And most of all, epic! XD I'm already hooked and I wanna watch it more! XD

If you're wondering...I'm watching the English Dub.
Hey guys! Awesome news!

I know I don't have Pokemon Sun or Moon... (leading up to Sun, since I want a Midday Form Lycanroc) But...I have the next best thing!

The demo version of Sun and Moon was free on the E-shop and I just had to get it! So technically...I'm not left out on the 20th Anniversary hype! Yay!
I am a horrible pet owner... XC

I plugged out the air pump for my koi fish's tank, I forgot to plug it back in and hours mom told me he's dead... why I can't have nice things... *goes into a corner with guilt*
(AU RP with Monsterling!Rubella)

Many years ago, in a kingdom far away...
The kingdom was being assassinated by a pink dragon. This dragon was stealing food, attacking innocent people, even killing them, but no one knew of it's true form, since someone once spotted a mysterious figure morphing into its form.

The king didn't know what to do, until one day, a stranger came up to him, claming he's a professional hunter and that he will kill the dragon for the king and his people. The king accepted the offer and the hunter set out on his hunt.


The dragon soon flew into its cave, carrying a dead cow in its claws. It dropped it, landed and suddenly, pink smoke surrounded it and it soon turned into a hot pink Monsterling girl, with glowing red eyes, hot pink dragon wings and tail.

"This cow should keep me fed for weeks..." she told herself, as she began to tear into the cow's flesh. "...It's not restaurant, but it beats staying in the Underworld..."

But, little did she know that danger was on the horizon for her as she feasted...
Jesse: *was tossing some items into a fire pit; some old photos of her and Hawke, old photos of her and Dixie, old letters, stuffed teddy bears and roses from Hawke and a charm bracelet, some old birthday cards and Dixie's undergarments that she found in her house* My friends told me to get something to burn for s'mores I took my ex's stuff... *smirks and pours gasoline on them and flicked a match on them and watch everything catch on fire, then she took out a marshmallow on a stick and smiled as she roasted the marshmallow*
Happy St.Patrick's Day to everyone that celebrates it! ^^
(AU RP with Camp Counselor!Bricriu)

"Alright everyone!" a yellow male Inkling said as he blew a whistle. "Just be careful on that rock climbing wall, OK?"

"Yes sir!" the campers said, as they were on the climbing on a makeshift climbing wall, being guided by and orange female Inkling, who was guiding and helping them on the wall, while the yellow male Inkling went to the campgrounds and met up with another camp counselor, leading her troop around camp.

"Leading your troop on a hike today?" he asked, with a small smile, as he watched the kids around her laughing and smiling.
Hey guys!

Just to let you know that I'm going to be out tonight to celebrate my baby cousin's 1st Bday!

It was kinda last minute and my mom told me recently, but I don't wanna miss out on his first birthday and I need to get out more, so I'll see you in a bit! I'll even try to take some pictures!
Ask Sassy Prince! Kalin and Sassy Prince! Myles...The Princes of Sass! XD
Meet Wordgirlserenity67!

She's an illustrator for this cute children's colouring, which you can find on Amazon called 'What Am I Feeling?'…

And check out all her other books here!…

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GhosthogPhantazia has started a donation pool!
494 / 3,398
Hey guys, I hope you have some spare points for a friend.

My Point Commissions:

1. Custom made characters-100 :points:

2. Character Outfits-50 :points:

3. Pokemon-25 :points:

4. Special items(Swords, headphones, weapons etc, don't ask me for guns though...I don't know how to draw those...)-20 :points:

5. Make-a-base/lineart (Where I'll TRY to make a base/lineart for you, again, not promising ^^;)-15 :points:

6. Make-with-base (Make something WITH a base)-10 :points: for this alone or -10:points: for the other five above.


Traditional colouring: 25 :points:
Digital colouring: 20 :points:
Full colouring: 15 :points:
Slightly coloured: 10 :points:
Shading: +5 :points: for which colouring you want

If you donate to me, just for the fun:

I needs points! Look at Tails' face and tell me you can say no it.
Points, please? :3 by Dexter01992


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